About the Lab

The dos Santos lab: Our group has a long-standing interest to understand the molecular events that regulate mammary epithelial cells (MECs) linage commitment, self-renewal, and differentiation dynamics, and those that became misregulated during breast oncogenesis. We are specifically interested in identifying determinants of breast cancer initiation, risk and susceptibility, and those involved in cancer progression and treatment resistance. As a group, we provide trainees  with an interdisciplinary career development opportunity that brings together expertise on normal mammary gland development, mouse models of breast cancer, single cell analysis, epigenomics, and murine and human-derived organoid systems. We are  committed to advance the investigation of research questions that affects individuals who do not receive proper preventive care to assess their risk of breast cancer, and to prepare the next generation of diverse and amazing scientists.

Diversity Statement. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the core of who we are as a lab. As we stride to move developmental and biomedical research to the next level of excellence, we believe that we can only do it through the support of collaborations and opportunities that include individuals of all backgrounds, identities, expertise, beliefs and abilities. Our mentoring philosophy includes the scientific preparation of trainees with an array of discussion forums (weekly group meetings and one-on-one meetings, monthly round tables, quarterly project-focused meetings, and yearly lab retreats), writing development opportunities (grants, reviews/manuscripts, opinion pieces, and press-releases), in addition to activities that foster social and professional development (community outreach, bike rides, participation in affinity groups, bbqs, mentoring training/opportunities, spontaneous lunch gatherings, karaoke, and career exploration opportunities). By empowering those spanning a diversity of lived experiences, we will shape diverse perspectives and approaches to creatively and rigorously solve outstanding questions in biology.